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Governing Council

The Association "International School of Latvia" is governed by the Members' General Meeting, the Council and the Board.

The supervisory institution of the Association is the Council, which is composed of 7 members elected from among the members of the Association. The Council represents the interests of members during the time periods between the Member's General Meeting, monitors the activities of the Board, and participates in the activities of the Association according to the Articles.

In addition to the 7 elected members of the Council, the Council has one honorary member who is employee of the Embassy of United States of America in Latvia and is appointed by the ambassador. This honorary member has all the rights and obligations of members of the Council except voting rights.


Currently serving

Avetik Avo Avetyan
Raimonds Dūda
Charles Goodman
Māra Gaveika Lielcepure
Hardija Vaivade
Marnix E. van Voorbergen
Stanislava Yankovskaya

If you have any questions, please contact the Council at


Dear Parents,

We are pleased to send you the agenda for ISL's Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) convened by the Board as well as Council Candidate information, including a Proxy Voting form.

The AGM will be held on 21 March, 2018 at 6:00 PM in the school's media center. We strongly encourage you to attend as information vital to our school will be presented as well as new Council members elected.


The Agenda for the AGM

1.   Director's Report.

2.   Council Report.

3.  Approval of Annual Report for 2017 of the Association the International School of Latvia.

4.  Council Election.


Please come, listen to the Council Candidates and cast your vote. This is your opportunity to select the governing body of our school which will guide our future development.

This year we have 5 candidates for 3 open seats. Please read their information:

Raimonds Duda        

Natalia Konovalova  

Phin Pope                      

Lisa Scale                

Jean Sweeton

It is mandatory for ALL MEMBERS of the Association “International School of Latvia” to be present or to submit the proxy vote. If you will not be able to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a proxy vote is attached for you to sign. Either scan and e-mail the completed form to or deliver it to the school's front desk before 10:00 AM on 20 March 2018. All such forms will be sealed and opened at the AGM. Please make sure that the power of attorney is given to another member of the Association “International School of Latvia” who will be attending the AGM.

To hold the meeting we MUST have at least ⅓ +1 of the Association Member’s votes submitted before or during this meeting!

For your convenience childminding (babysitting) will be provided from 5:30 pm until the end of the meeting.

If you have any questions concerning the AGM please feel free to contact us at or by phone +371 67755146.

    Council Minutes 2017