How to apply?

Steps Leading from Application to Admission

1. The application process will start when the following have been submitted to our admissions office:

  • a completed and signed application form;
  • a copy of the student’s report cards/transcripts for the two previous academic years and the current academic year (translated into English), and the results of any testing;
  • confidential reference forms: English teacher’s reference, Math teacher’s reference, Counselor’s/Principal's reference;
  • Preschool/Kindergarten parents' questionnaire (if applicable);
  • a copy of the front page of child’s valid passport;
  • a copy of the front page of parents/guardians’ valid passport;
  • a passport size photo of the student;
  • a copy of child’s birth certificate.

2. The applicant may then be invited for an English language and/or a placement test (if applicable), and if possible an onsite interview.

3. Once the application has been considered we will let you know the Admission Committee's decision. If your child qualifies for admittance and space is available, you will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance which, upon return, confirms your enrollment at ISL.

4. At this stage an invoice will be sent to you. The registration and the capital fee should be paid upon receipt of the invoice. Once the invoice has been paid your child will be considered enrolled at ISL.

5. Additionally before your child’s first day of classes we also need the following forms (faxed forms or e-mail attachments are acceptable):

  • a copy of child’s immunization certificate;
  • completed student’s medical forms (available in the Nurse/Health page);
  • a completed language form.

For safety reasons we cannot allow your child to attend classes until we have these documents.

6. Finally when you arrive at ISL a copy of residence permits (child’s and parents/guardians’) will be required.

In order to help your child make the transition to their new school we ask for at least three days’ notice in order to properly welcome your child.

Application for admission
English teacher's reference
Math teacher's reference
Counselor's / Principal's reference
Pre K Parent questionnaire