How to apply?

Steps Leading from Application to Admission

1. An application will be considered when the following have been submitted to our admissions office:

  • a completed online application form;
  • uploaded following documentation in a PDF (preferably), zip or image file format:
    • an official copy of the student’s report cards/transcripts  for the two previous academic years plus the current year (translated into English) and the results of any testing;
    • reference forms: English teacher’s reference, Math teacher’s  reference, Counselor’s/Principal's reference (generated in online application form; or available below.
    •  Preschool/Kindergarten parents’ questionnaire, where applicable (generated in online application form, or available below.);
    • a copy of the front page of child’s valid passport;
    • a copy of the front page of parents/guardians’  valid passport;
    • a passport size photo of the student;
    • a copy of child’s birth certificate.
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2. Review of application

The Admissions Committee will review each application. The applicant may be invited for an English language and/or a placement test (if applicable), as well as an onsite interview, if needed, at the request of the school. While we understand that it is not always possible for overseas families to arrange an admissions interview at the school, it is always preferable to do so.

The Admissions Committee decisions are communicated to families by email when a space becomes available. Review of the applications takes time. Students are admitted as spaces become available. Please note that candidates are only considered if the application is fully completed; incomplete applications are not registered to the waiting list, or reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Upon Admissions Committee’s decision child can be conditionally enrolled at ISL. Conditions, if applicable, will be stated in the letter of conditional enrollment.

Students may under certain circumstances be requested to provide further information, for example if:

1. Further information is needed to make an accurate assessment (Admissions Committee shall communicate with parents and/or previous schools asking for more information);

2. Further English as Additional Language (EAL) testing is required (EAL staff to conduct EAL testing at mutually agreed time);

3. Further thought should be given to subject choices, especially in relation to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (Diploma Coordinator consulted; student advised based on wishes/plans for further studies). College Counsellor available on request;

4. Further information is needed regarding health or student welfare issues. Medical diagnosis is important in our assessment of a student (Nurse, Counsellor or Learning support teacher to follow up with parents).


3. You will be notified of the school’s Admission Committee decision. If your child qualifies for admittance and space is available, you will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance which, upon return, confirms your enrollment at ISL.

4. At this stage an invoice will be sent to you. The registration and the capital fee have to be paid upon receipt of the invoice.

Once the invoice has been paid your child will be considered enrolled at ISL.

5. Additionally before your child’s enrollment in classes the following forms are required:

  • a copy of child’s immunization certificate (uploaded in a PDF (preferably), or image file format;
  • Psycho-educational reports (applicable for students with special needs). The psycho-educational reports must be sent in one file, e.g. a PDF or a zip file.
  • completed student’s medical forms  (generated in online application form; or, available on our school’s website;
  • a completed language form (generated in online application form; or, available below).

For safety reasons we cannot allow your child to attend classes until we have these documents.


6. When you arrive at ISL a copy of residence permits (child’s and parents/guardians’) will be required.

In order to help your child make the transition to his/her new school we ask for at least three days’ notice in order to properly welcome your child.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Admissions Office:

E-mail:; Fax: +371 67755009; Telephone: +371 67755146; +371 67755241; +371 22825428

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