We want to thank you for considering us here at the International School of Latvia!

We accept applications on rolling basis and they are considered at any time of the year. Currently we are accepting applications for students at all grade levels. However, the school is near to full capacity and wait lists have started to form in many grade levels, therefore we encourage you to complete the application process as soon as possible. We need to have a complete application in order to place a student on a wait list.

Applications can be submitted up to one year in advance of the entry date. If you are submitting an application early, please note that it will be your responsibility to keep the application active and to make certain your contact details are up-to-date. Please understand that early application does not guarantee a place at ISL.

Age requirements

  • Preschool 3 – student must be 3 years old on or before September 1st;
  • Preschool 4 - student must be 4 years old on or before September 1st;
  • Kindergarten – student must be 5 years old on or before September 1st;
  • Grade 1– student must be 6 years old on or before September 1st.
  • Students who are 7 years old before September 1st, but have had no previous schooling will be placed in Grade 1 regardless of their age level.
  • Grades 2-12 – students are placed in the grade compatible with their age upon evidence of successful completion of the preceding grade.
  • Placement in Grades 6-12 is determined by evaluating a combination of the following: previous school records, teacher/counselor recommendations and information from parents.

Students usually are placed in the grade after the last one successfully completed, provided official school records are submitted with the application.

English Language Proficiency

For students in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 through 5, English proficiency is preferred but not required for admission.  Upon admission however, assessment of the student’s English language proficiency in Grades 1 through 5 will be completed, and EAL (English as Additional Language) program prescribed as necessary.

Non-native English speaking students applying for Grades 6-12 may be asked to pass an English proficiency test. Upon admission, depending on the assessment results, a student may be required to enroll in the school’s EAL program until they demonstrate independent success in their content and language classes.

For entry into the IB Diploma program in Grade 11 students must demonstrate advanced proficiency in English (B2-C1).

Acquisition Language Proficiency

Upon admission, students with prior knowledge in a foreign (acquisition) language in grades 6-12 will be asked to pass a proficiency test to determine placement in language classes.

Applicants with Special Needs

We currently support students who have mild to moderate disabilities, and enrichment. Our future goal is to provide a program for students with severe needs and enrichment. Parents/guardians of an applicant having a special need (either physical or academic) must submit complete reports from his/her teacher and therapist. In the case where a special need has not previously been identified, International School of Latvia reserves the right to review the situation in order to assess the appropriateness of the student's presence at ISL based on our capacity to address his/her needs. If it is determined that the student has special educational, emotional or social needs that the school is not able to provide services for, as determined by the school, parents may be asked to withdraw their child from the International School of Latvia.

International School of Latvia reserves the right to decline an applicant in cases where acceptance to the school would imply significant organizational difficulties or sufficient support cannot be provided.

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