Elementary School Open House

We are pleased to invite you to the Elementary School Open House, set to take place this coming Thursday evening. On Thursday, October 4 from 5:00-6:30pm​ we invite all elementary families onto campus to learn more about the elementary program at ISL, with a specific focus on the grade-level your child is in.

As a result of feedback from families, we have decided that we will provide supervision for ISL Elementary School students during the open house. We are still encouraging families not to bring their children if at all possible, however we will have supervision in place for families where there is no other option.
The evening will begin at 5:00pm in the Media Center, where some important general information that applies to all elementary school students will be shared. After the general session, two identical sessions will be run in homeroom classrooms that will focus on information specific to the children in that class. We are offering two identical 30-minute sessions to accommodate families with more than one child in the elementary school. If you have only one elementary school child at ISL, you will be finished at 5:55. Single-subject teachers and specialists (Art, EAL, learning support, etc.) will be available from 5:25-6:30pm in the gymnasium for families that would like to speak with those teachers. You are encouraged to take a moment to speak with specialists so that they can share some of the exciting things happening in their classes!

Please note that the Elementary Open House is not intended as a parent-teacher conference evening, and it will not be possible for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the specific needs of an individual child. However, remember that you can always schedule time to meet with any of your child's teachers. Please feel free to request a separate meeting with your child's teacher on a different date if you would like to discuss the individual needs of your child.

Schedule for Thursday, October 4:
● 5:00-5:20 - General session for all parents in the Media Center (Library)
● 5:25-5:55 - Session 1 in homeroom classrooms (Go to your child's classroom, or to speak with specialists in the gymnasium.)

● 6:00-6:30 - Session 2 in homeroom classrooms (For families that have more than one child in the elementary school, or who met with specialists during Session 1).

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