ISL Annual Musical

Dear ISL Community,

We are extremely excited to announce the ISL Middle & High School Musical "Once Upon a Mattress”!

If you would like to see this wonderful performance, that MS and HS students have been working on since the beginning of the school year, please purchase your tickets at the Front Desk or reply to this e-mail if you would like us to save you some tickets. Tickets are only 3.00 Euro each,  so hurry up and get your tickets reserved!

Everyone is welcome to attend this great event, but unfortunately we have a limited number of seats available due to all of the ISL student and teacher population attending the performances free of charge on both days, as well we have invited several other schools to attend!

All the money collected from the ticket sales will be devoted to the ISL future musicals. Tickets are available for both days - Thursday, February 21 @ 14:00 and Friday, February 22 @14:00. Performances will take place in Jūrmalas Kultūras Centrs on Jomas street 35 in Jurmala.

We are looking forward to see you all at the performances on Thursday and Friday!

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