International School of Latvia Building Renovations and New Wing

On June 16, 2017, in a celebratory atmosphere, construction of the new wing was begun.

Renovations of the existing facilities and the building of the new wing will be of a modern architectural form, functional and constructed of quality and durable materials.

Building extended

The new building of the International School of Latvia will house the following facilities in 3688 m2:

  • Multifunctional artistic auditorium (290m2) with 220-260 seats;
  • 1 music classroom;
  • 6 music classrooms with auxiliary rooms;
  • 9 classrooms of general purpose;
  • 2 science rooms;
  • 2 visual art rooms;
  • 1 visual art storage room with a ceramic oven;
  • 1 design technology room;
  • 1 computer design room;
  • 1 classroom for students with special needs;
  • 2 multifunctional classrooms;

In the existing building of the International School of Latvia (3959 m2) the following facilities will be built, renovated and expanded by improving their functionality:

  • Connection with the new building
  • Entrance hall
  • Security room
  • Library
  • Reception area
  • Lost and Found Storage
  • Nurse’s Office
  • Elementary school hallway
  • Elementary school wardrobe
  • School kitchen and dining hall
  • Office space for school administration and staff
  • Gym

Multifunctional sports grounds are planned to be built on an area of 15 311 m2 of the International School of Latvia school grounds (37 800 m2) and they will include:

  • small football field;
  • handball court;
  • 2 basketball courts;
  • volleyball court;
  • 100m running track;
  • 300 m cross-country track;
  • long-jump pit.

The following areas are also scheduled to be reconstructed and enlarged:

  • Children's playground and gym (3203 m2).
  • School parking lot from current 98 to 128 places.
  • Maintenance building (76 m2).

Maris Neivalds

Māris Neivalds, Facilities Manager


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