Middle Years Programme

Overview of the MYP

The MYP is comprised of grades 6-10 and students study eight subjects (Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Math, Science, Humanities, Design, Physical and Health Education, Arts-visual and performing).

Below, you can see the MYP curriculum model. Notice that the Learner Profile is central to the MYP, as it is in all IB programs. Moving beyond the central feature, approaches to teaching and learning, concepts, and global contexts play a major role in learning. All MYP units revolve around key and related concepts that are grounded in one of six global contexts. The global contexts provide a lens in which to inquire into various concepts and content related to the discipline. The approaches to learning (ATL) consist of a plethora of skills that are either explicitly taught or practiced in order to meet the course learning objectives. The student’s strength of the ATL skills is fully demonstrated through the Personal Project in the final year of the MYP.

The MYP philosophy emphasizes holistic learning, international mindedness, service and action, and inquiry. The IB philosophy is supported by our school mission and community values.





Assessment in the MYP is criteria based, which means a student’s work is compared to a set of predetermined standards in each subject area.  Each subject has four assessment criteria that are aligned with course objectives.  Judged against the standards, a student can earn up to 8 points in each criterion.  To determine the final course grade, the best fit score from each criterion is added and converted to a mark of 1-7 (the grade-level boundaries are set by the IB).

Currently, ISL reports grades via the report card at the end of each semester, with progress comments issued in two additional reporting periods.  MYP units of study as well as student progress can be viewed through ManageBac.

More information about MYP Program at ISL can be found here!

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