Beginner's Guide to MUN (Gr.6 - Gr.8)

Want to put an end to global warming? This is where we’ll make that happen! Okay, well, not exactly. But this is where you will be learning how to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in order to solve global problems of that degree. This activity serves as an introductory course for MUN. Here, aspiring young delegates will learn what MUN is and how it works, and will become prepared to join full MUN activities and conferences once they get to high school. Activities will involve public speaking, debate, collaborative discussions, learning how to solve big picture problems, and much more. So come along and join the fun, where we’ll  all learn and work together to build our better future!

Max number of participants: None

Leader: Nina Battioni and Kasandra Battioni

Cost: None

Place: Room 207

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