Coding (Gr.6-Gr.9)

We are Datorium – school of coding and digital skills. We believe, that:

Coding is modern and fun

Coding makes you stand out

Coding is must-have for any profession

In Datorium we learn how to code, create desktop,mobile and web applications, digitalize real-life processes, automate workflows, make use of cloud technologies and digital platforms. We provide modern digital skills that add strong competitive advantage to our students.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Construct essential computing algorithm

  • Understand why today coding is important for any profession

  • Understand the difference between desktop,mobile and web applications

  • Code using Visual Basic for Applications

  • Work with variables, objects, loops and computer logic Manipulate objects, like shapes and files

  • Automate basic processes and see how that works in real-life.

Students must bring their own device to the class.

Limit of Participants: 15 - 20

Cost: 135 EUR
Teacher: Mr. Elchin Jafarov (Datorium)
Room: 207

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