Learn IT


LearnIT Programming Workshops Level 5 International School of Latvia

Teacher: Lina Marta Sarma lina@learnit.lv

Period Topic Description

September - October

Terminal Learning the Unix command line to navigate through the

computers system: creating and replacing new files through the command line. Students will have an introduction to GitHub code sharing platform, how to create their own profiles, create new projects, upload them and share with others. At the end of the topic each student will have contributed to another students project in order to better understand how collaboration between programmers work.

November - January

Python Students will learn how to get started with the Python

programming language and how to set up the environment. Further on by creating games with the Pygame module they will learn the basic syntax of the language - variables, loops and functions. During the last weeks of this topic students will have to create their own Terminal game in the Python language that will be uploaded to their GitHub account.

February - March

Javascript Creating interactive stories with Javascript using P5.js. Students

will go through the basic syntax of Javascript - variables, loops and functions. Those who will have already covered the basics of the syntax will be given further tasks for learning about objects and arrays. The last two lessons will be spent creating interactive web based stories in groups.

April - May

Micro:bit Using the Micro:bit microcontroller (provided by the teacher)*

each student will learn the basics of electronics. The first weeks will be spent coding the Micro:bit using blocks and getting to know the programming environment and the microcontroller. Further on students will be given the chance to choose either between Python or Javascript languages and see through their own idea of a product that can be developed with Microbit.

*Micro:bits will be provided by the lecturer for the workshops, however if any student chooses they can get their personal :one here in Lemona: https://www.lemona.lv/?page=search&q=microbit&search_group_id=459 They are fairly cheap and one of the currently best tools for teaching electronics and programming for kids, with a lot of extra tutorials that can be found online. https://microbit.org/

Max number of participants: 12
Leader: MS. Līna Sarma, Learn IT coach
Cost: 115 EUR
Place: TBD