MS Girls Volleyball

 ISL MS girls volleyball team will start preparing for CEESA MS volleyball season. Over the course of the season the team will have regular practices, friendly games in order to prepare for the culminating event of the season - CEESA MS girls volleyball tournament. The tournament possible tournament location - Vienna ( May 16-19) or Istanbul (May 9-12); the tournament host will be finalized by the end of March. We strongly encourage all MS girls to join the practices and try to make the CEESA team.

ISL applies 15 EUR participation fee for MS and HS Athletics. The fee helps us to cover the additional cost of running the Athletic program - rent of facilities, hiring referees, providing for the needs of the season awards ceremony and banquet etc.

Limit of Participants: none
Cost: 15 EUR
Coaches: Ms. Daiga Ozolina, Ms. Monta Badune

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