Science Club (Gr.4-Gr.6)

NEW!  Science Club.

Do you like to do hands-on experiments? Do you want to learn more about how to think and act like a scientist? Then science club might be for you!

Science club is a new, very interactive and practically based ASA offering to give students a chance to engage with hands-on science and extend their scientific thinking skills. The club will be led by Grade 11 and 12 CAS students under the supervision and guidance of Ms. Erin Baugher (MYP Science and DP Biology Teacher). Students will participate in both virtual and lab-based activities in the secondary science labs. They will focus on a variety of topics or themes to help build lab skills, develop their logic and thinking skills, help them to engage with scientific concepts and, hopefully, have a lot of fun too!

Important Safety Note:  If your child cannot adhere to lab safety rules or their behaviour creates an unsafe environment for other students, they will be withdrawn after 2 warnings and no longer allowed to participate in this ASA. (Out on the third strike)

Limit of participants: 20
Teacher: Ms. Erin Baugher
Cost: none
Room: 202