Swimming (Big Pool) Gr.2-Gr.12

Swimming for students who are established swimmers. To attend the student needs to have: Swimsuit, Swimming cap, Shower gel and a sponge, Towel, Slippers. Without all of these items your child may be denied the entrance in the pool due to the rules and regulations of the pool. For parent pick-up the parents are expected to be by the pool at 5.00 p.m.

NB! We have been working to improve the swimming program and there will be some changes. The group that goes to Big Pool will be divided in two smaller groups - developing swimmers & developed swimmers. The two groups will have a limit of 8 people in each group. They will be divided in the groups in the first swimming lesson. Each group will have their own coach. On Mondays one group will be trainded by the current coach Zane Treigute, the other will be coached by Mrs. Marla Robertson-Jones (Gr.2 teacher) who has had years of experience in training school swim teams in her previous schools. On Thursdays one group will be trained by Ģirts Treiguts and the other - by Kyle Redshaw.


Max number of participants: 16
Leader: Zane Treigute, Marla Robertson-Jones (Mondays), Ģirts Treiguts, Kyle Redshaw (Thursdays)
Cost: 70 EUR /135 EUR
Place: Pinki Pool

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