Swimming (Small Pool, Pre3-Gr.2)

Swimming for students who are developing swimmers. To attend the student needs to have: Swimsuit, Swimming cap, Shower gel and a sponge, Towel, Slippers. Without all of these items your child may be denied the entrance in the pool due to the rules and regulations of the pool. For parent pick-up the parents are expected to be by the pool at 5:00 p.m.

NB! If your child is in Pre3 or Pre4 we kindly ask the parents to accompany their child to these sessions to help with changing before and after the classes.

Limit of Participants: 16

Cost: 75 EUR / 140 EUR
Teacher: Ms. Zane Treigute (swimming coach), Ms. Ilvija Kalnina, Ms. Sandra Laursone
Location: Pinki Pool

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