Parent Session - Language B Programs

28 May, 2019 - 8:45

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, we adopted a strategic plan for our school this academic year. The first strategy of the plan is to systematically develop and implement programs, curriculum and instructional practices to uphold our mission, vision and educational objectives. One of the action items for this strategy is to ensure we have a language program and pathways that allow our students to be multilingual and to be prepared for the IB Diploma language B exam. Following extensive research and discussion with staff and the Council, we have decided to focus our resources by offering French and German in grades 4-12 next academic year and discontinue Latvian B and Russian B in grades 4-8. This will allow us to have multiple levels of each language in future years as students proficiency levels differ. We will continue to offer Russian B in grades 9 and 10 as there is a fairly sizable number of students currently taking the course at present, and we will continue to offer Russian A and Latvian A in the Diploma Program for interested students. In an effort to broaden our connection with our host country, we will continue teaching Latvian Studies (more of a cultural course) in the elementary school and will integrate Latvian history, culture and geography into our Middle Years Program. We will hold a parent meeting on Tuesday, 28 May at 8:45 AM to provide a presentation on changes to our language B programs and answer any questions. This meeting will be followed for parents of grade 5 students who will learn more about the transition from the PYP and elementary school to the MYP and grade 6.

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