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Welcome to our Secondary School

Dear Parents, Students and Visitors,

Welcome to the International School of Latvia (ISL) Secondary School website.

Here at ISL, we believe it is our role to care for and guide students to embrace opportunities in order to reach their fullest potential. At ISL, we support and encourage each Secondary schooler to broaden their experiences, explore new areas of interest and positively contribute to our community.


Grades 6-12 are very important years in your student’s life and school experience. These are also some of the most challenging times in the lives of our students, physically, emotionally and socially. Hence one of our jobs in the Secondary School is to help students successfully navigate through this time of great learning and growth.

Secondary School is a time of change, personal discovery, and broadening exploration. Students in the Secondary School enjoy a challenging academic curriculum that fosters a love of learning and nurtures the growth of self worth. Students take part in a diverse selection of classes as part of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and IB Diploma Programme (DP) allowing them to explore new opportunities and build upon previous knowledge. Whilst nurturing and fulfilling academic potential is an important aspect of delivering a sound education; at ISL we believe in delivering a truly well-rounded and holistic education. At the start of every year students attend our Adventure and Community Trips, where they have the opportunity to explore Latvia and come together as a School community. Throughout the school year, students have many opportunities to participate in Sports, Arts, Music, clubs and activities in order to further develop a broad range of experiences.

Our Advisory Program is a critical pillar of our Secondary program delivery, helping students work through the social, emotional and physical changes of their growth as a student, as well as an adolescent. Each student will be assigned an advisor, who will work closely with them and be another advocate for them. Advisory groups will have the opportunity to meet every day, covering various topics in small groups and as whole grade levels.

At ISL we believe that learning from each other is a transformative experience helping us see new perspectives and opportunities. Through this approach we become closer as we build a collaborative community together. Our students seek out opportunities to have fun, ask questions, and challenge themselves to grow.

Please explore our website, and if you are already here in Latvia come and see what an excellent and exciting school we have here at ISL.

Warm regards,

Mark Robertson Jones

Secondary School Principal

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