Scholarship Program

For the past 8 years ISL has been giving scholarships to Babite Secondary School students - so far 11 students have graduated within the ISL scholarship.

These students have been accepted to: NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, University of Sussex, University of Waterloo, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Savannah College of Art and Design, and many others.

This year ISL will offer 4 scholarships - 2 for 10th grade and 2 for 11th grade. Scholarships will be offered to those interested from all around Latvia, but two scholarships solely given for Babite Secondary School students.

Who can apply?

Internationally-minded, academically driven Latvian citizens currently attending grade 9 or 10 at Babite Secondary School and/or any other school in Latvia.

Please send an email with your interest to indicating your full name and last name and grade level you are applying to.

All scholarship applicants should submit their applications through the Open Apply system. The application form requires information about the applicant and their parents, report cards for the last years, current school year and reference forms from the current school’s principal/director, and student’s current English and Math teachers.

This information will not be shared outside of the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship student profile

The school administration and the Scholarship Selection Team seeks

  • A good ‘fit’ with the International School of Latvia and the International Baccalaureate programme

  • An interest and willingness of the applicant and their parents to engage in ISL community activities

  • A level of maturity, positivity and enthusiasm for schooling and success

  • A strong academic background and a satisfactory level of English language (average grade min. “8”, English grade min. “8”)

  • A commitment to the school and studies with a consistent record of attendance

  • Demonstrated involvement in programmes outside of the classroom and in the community

  • A positive behaviour record in current school

  • A willingness to commit to ISL from the point of enrolment to the end of Secondary School graduation

  • Full support of parents for students in attending ISL that includes an ongoing commitment to the ISL Mission and Community values.

Funding provided

  • Full tuition fees until graduation

The scholarship will be provided until graduation. In case of weak academic performance, low attendance, behavioural issues or other concerns, the scholarship will be reviewed by the school’s administration.

Application / Process Timelines for 2019

  • April 30 @ 17:00: Informational Meeting for students and parents at the International School of Latvia

  • May 14: Application submission deadline

  • May 21: English and Math test (computer required) at the International School of Latvia (time will be announced at the Informational Meeting)

  • May 24: Shortlisted applicants invited to an interview at the International School of Latvia 

  • End of May: Scholarship offers will be extended

For any questions, please contact

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